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Wheels That Fail

WHEELS THAT FAIL is a comedic compilation of the most outrageous, hilarious and dangerous misadventures on wheels!

Genre: Comedy

Country: Canada

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 0

Season 1 - Wheels That Fail
"On this episode of WTF, wild dash cam collisions from highways around the world, an unimaginable three way accident that ends with balloons, and homemade redneck jumps that will take your breath away."
"On this episode of WTF, getaways that will take escape to a whole new level of crazy, cabs running wild on the streets, and unfortunate and dramatic miscalculations of load height."
"On this episode of WTF, not so smooth highway drifts that end in epic accidents, wheels that take the plunge, and sci-fi cars that will take you into the strange future of car design."
"On this episode of WTF, we confirm that two wheels are indeed better than one, cops face weird and wacky trouble on the roadways, as well as freak accidents you never saw coming."
"On this episode of WTF, road rage reaches new heights as people turn highways into their own personal fight club, DIY tows that put the why in DIY, as well as amateur wheel stunts where no one will watch unscathed."
"On this episode, people shed their clothes and inhibitions on the road, horrible parking that breaks all the rules, and momentous truck drifts end in disaster. Also animals take to the wheel proving once and for all it's \u2026"
"On this episode of WTF people demonstrate an unusual affection for their cars, rear end collisions take everyone by surprise, and a vicious, endless battle between cars and bikes."
"On this episode, drivers and pedestrians unleash crazy rage creating chaos on the roads, package deliveries gone very wrong, and cringeworthy road crossings that leave everyone on edge. Also dashcam footage showcase wild and shocking wheel somersaults."
"On this episode of WTF vehicles spinning wildly out of control, superheroes battle it out for the hottest rides, and dim-witted disasters end in pointless injury. Also featured, a new motorbike sport involving a merry-go-round and a rough landing."
"On this episodes of Wheels that Fail ever-more terrifying near death experiences, souped-up rides that defy all logic and dragster disasters. Also a pedestrian appears out of nowhere in the middle of the night causing mayhem on a highway."
"On this episode of WTF, animals challenge the wheel for roadway supremacy, even attempting to cross the freeway, wheels inadvertently take flight, and drag races that may not leave the viewer intact."
"On this episode of Wheels that Fail police crack down on badly behaved drivers, homegrown daredevils go pro and mind-blowing big vehicle catastrophes. Also witness the police arrest a driver who decides to take a nap on his car."
"Things get a little freaky with strange highway sightings, animals take their rightful spot as kings of the road, and road rage hits a fever pitch. Also a prolonged battle on the streets will make you re-think martial arts and any notion of victory."
"Construction disasters will leave you wondering why anyone tries at all, sneaky drivers catch everyone off-guard, and oblivious pedestrians cause chaos."
"On this episode of Wheels that Fail criminals try to outrun the law, traffic light shenanigans, and drivers who exceed the posted rage limit. Also a guy attempts to get into a fist battle with a driver of a giant freight truck."
"On this episode of Wheels that Fail man's best friend gets behind the wheel, rowdy races gone wrong, and rednecks show off their finest rides. Also witness an incredible dance-off take place on the highway."
"On this episode of Wheels that Fail peculiar pedestrians take to the roadways, reckless drivers throw caution in the wind, and dashcams continue to capture people behaving in inexplicable ways."